Discord Bot building without any coding

Make your own Discord Bot with our rich set of built-in modules to quickly make your own custom slash commands with any functionality you desire, and never worry about learning to code or hosting your bot again.

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Completely managed Discord Bot hosting

Never worry about keeping your Discord Bot running again, and manage the full lifecycle of your bot in Discord Bot Creator. We run and monitor your bot to make sure you don't need to spend a minute on keeping everything green.

Custom commands with your functionality

Build custom commands with any functionality you desire. Our custom commands allow you to chain together any modules we support to do multiple actions in response to a command.

Integrated with Discord

It's literally in the name! Commands created in Discord Bot Creator are Discord's slash commands and easy to both find and run while chatting.

Hooked already?

Want to create a better user experience than the website author with this frontpage's formatting? With Discord Bot Creator and slash commands, you can. Why not join development - we would appreciate your input!

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Watch these completely genuine testimonials of our happy users.

Chris Lovering

Chief uWSGI Engineer at RACTF

My wife has never allowed me to write my own Discord bot, as she doesn't wanting me touching non-webscale software. When I first saw this service, I knew instantly that it would solve all my problems! Once I learned to type on my keyboard and was up and running with a Discord bot of my very own. Thank you!

Joe Banks

Owner of Python Discord

This app is unreal, it changed my life in more ways than one. I'm struggling to get through the day without using Discord Bot Creator, thank you for your countless hours spent on this project.
I would spend one of my innovation tokens on Discord Bot Creator.

Danny Li

Founder of Bot.TF and Exploriment.io

You're going to make me say something I have never said!

Jeremiah "Abraham" Boby

Software Engineer at Octopus Energy

This is an excellent service and I would recommend it to anyone else willing to use or sell Avon cosmetic products.